Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Virtual Brazilian Waterfall

Photo: Cachoeira do Sossego, by Flickr user gjofili. This photo has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Sound: Small Waterfall in the Forest, by soundtransit user Derek Holster. This audio has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

I had sort of a hard time with this assignment, because I couldn't figure out to look at all the thousands of pictures with Creative Commons liscenses on flickr. But then, I found a flickr user I liked, who used the CC license, and searched his logs. I found the audio resources sort of overwhelming, and not particularly to my liking, until I found "Soundtransit" - which is RAD! I love the whole idea of field recordings... so I found a picture and a sound from the same national park in Brazil. The sound is called "small waterfall in the forest," so I did my best to find a licensed picture that matched. I love soundtransit, I"m gonna go play around there some more!

In the end, this was awesome though, because it really felt like homework - I had to read and look around, and found a cool new sound website. Thanks Lisa!

Football flashbacks

Labor Day night, at 7 pm I went to the Doak Stadium at FSU in Tallahassee, Florida, to see if I could get a ticket to the opening football game between the FSU Seminoles (click on Seminoles for info on the Seminole Tribe) and the Miami Hurricaines.

Tickets cost $65 to buy from the ticket office, but I wanted to see if I could find something at the gate, so I just went to the game to see what I could find.

The girls in the photo to the right, saw me looking for a ticket, and came over asking, "Do you want a ticket?" When I said yes, they were so pleased, and they wanted to just give it to me. Then they asked, "Can we get our picture taken with you?" It was a fun way to start the game.

You may have heard Lisa talk about the school "cheer"(and gesture). It is really something to see and hear...when the whole stadium is full of people doing the "tomahawk chop". The experience made me wonder why the shared enthusiasm of the game can't be manifest in a shared desire for health care reform. The crowd was diverse, and I kept saying to myself, in the tune of the cheer, "Hea....lth Care for every.....onnnne."

An interesting day /night in Tallahassee. Love to all, Sara

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nature and Food

I forgot to mention that I work for The Nature Conservancy in case you didn't know. I also love to read Amey's blog Vegan Eats and Treats - check it out.

xx, Laura

Hi from Laura

Hi Gang,

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in Santa Cruz. Everything seems very relaxed and pleasant. The fall crop of figs are ripe and the raspberries have picked up again. Sara Wainwright and her boyfriend, Andrew, have been here since Saturday. We've been hanging our around Santa Cruz and having fun eating and touring around. I hope we can hook up with Amey sometime today.

xxx, Laura