Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amey's Post

Last night we had a great family dinner! I made a bunch of yummy corn-based dishes, which I will post sometime today on my blog. All the produce for the whole dinner was from either our garden or from the Cabrillo Farmers Market.

I think that the corn season is almost over now, so it was fun to have a last big hoorah!

This picture is from last year - but it's surprisingly similar to what I bought last weekend - how funny. I even bought peanuts again... but this time I bought something like 24 ears of corn. Whoa!
: P

Sara's first post in the class

These photos are of me, but neither of them are of me in Santa Cruz. These both were taken over this summer (2009) while I was traveling – to Hawaii (on the right) and then to the Mississippi River in Tennessee (on the left, with my friend Martha).

I live in Santa Cruz. I don't know if you are supposed to put the link in a sentence or separate it out a bit...add a few spaces or returns. Let's see if this works. Lisa and Andrew live in Tallahassee. If you are curious, look at the difference between the official site and the wikipedia site. Here is the Tallahassee official site. The first Tallahassee link is to the wikipedia site, which I prefer. It is easier to read and to nagivate.

Today the temperature in Tallahassee was pretty hot, and the air was sooo muggy. Now it is pretty comfortable. Is the convention about linking that the other people understand what you are linking to and why? So you aren't really supposed to explain why you are making the link? I'm not sure if I quite get the principles of how to use this feature.

Hi there family!

If you want to learn and practice the media production skills I teach in my online course, you can use this blog to post your media production work, ask questions, post suggestions to each other, etc. Note that you can also email questions to each other and help each other out.

The exercises are posted on my class wiki. When an exercise tells you to post something on the 'class blog', post it here instead. This week, start with Media Exercise 1 (which includes learning a bit more about blogging and creating a blog post). You can create the blog post about any topic you'd like, perhaps you'd like to share something you've been up to, or something you've been thinking about. Be sure to include a photo and a hyperlink or two.

Depending on your blogging experience, this might seem pretty basic. Still, it is important to start at the beginning so everyone gets comfortable using this blog.  I will put some links on the sidebar to helpful tutorials.

I look forward to seeing you on the blog!